Tasker: Step-by-step guide

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • Jan 24, 2022
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Tasker: Step-by-step guide

Tasker is the best automation app for Android. It can run the tasks at a certain time, when a certain event happens or when a certain state is detected. Here is a detailed guide how to use Tasker:

1. Create a Task. To create a new task, press the + button in the bottom right corner.

2. Give your task a name. You will get a pop up asking you to name your task.

3. Set up an action and its type. There are many actions that you can choose from.

4. Select an action for your intent. To choose the action for your intent, scroll down the list of actions.

5. Set the parameters for your intent. This is where you will set up the details of how you want to perform the action.

6. Create a new task. You will be asked if you want to create a new task.

7. Set up an exit task. This is optional, but if you want your task to run at the end of something, you will have to have an exit task. This is a task that will run right after the action that you have selected.

8. Exit the task. You shouldn’t have to do anything else. You can now go back to Tasker and see that you have a new task in the bottom panel.

9. Edit your task. If you want to edit your task, all you have to do is press the menu button on the top right of the task, then press “Edit”.

10. Run your task. To run your task, press the play button in the bottom panel. If you did not have an exit task for the action, your task will be stuck on this screen.

You now know how to use Tasker. You can get really creative with all of the actions that Tasker has to offer.

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